From: Josephine Hidajat

9:44 PM May 12th 2012

Dearest Samuel,

i am writing a paper on trash and its relation to consumerism.you are smart and wise and insightful and like to write and talk so i was wondering if i could interview you via here. doesnt need to be super detailed, if you could…

Would you guys be interested in seeing posts about the behind the scenes stuff?


Or commentaries, and actors and such?

Or should we just stick with the movies/books?

Please leave feedback! :)


Next up is Owen Gildersleeve on the joys of creative freedom and Chrissy Macdonald’s latest 3D ventures…

‘Let’s Do Brunch’ - Owen Gildersleeve / Giclee Print

Let’s Do Brunch is the first chance I’ve had to do personal work for ages, so it was nice being able to do something for…

Non-blocking long request with Play 2.0


利用 Promise 可以使 server side 不會因為有一個 long request 就整個被卡住。

不過 Scala 因為 type-safe 要處理 json object 還是比較囉唆點,不能像 ruby 一樣直接轉 hash 以後就亂用了。可能還是要寫一個 data class。

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